PDFExtractor, the Mac & Windows utility to extract images, text & fonts from PDFs

PDFExtractor lets you easily extract images, fonts & text from your PDF files. PDFExtractor makes a separate folder with extracted images, fonts & text for each page of the original PDF.

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Version 1.5 released on Jun 28, 2022
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- Features -

  • Extract images from PDFs: Extract JPG, PNG & TIFF images from PDF files and create a separate folder for them
  • Extract fonts from PDFs: Extract fonts in TTF format and create a separate folder for them
  • Extract text & metadata from PDFs: Extract text and metadata from PDFs and save them as .txt documents
  • Extract attachments from PDFs: Extract attachments from PDFs and save them in a separate folder
  • Automation Tools: Includes command-line tools to allow integration in complex workflows
  • Update Checks: Includes an automatic update system, UpdateFX, so you can be sure to always have the newest version
  • Localized in English, Italian, Russian, French, German, Polish and Dutch
How it works

- How it works -

PDFExtractor is used by simply dragging one or more files, or even an entire folder, onto the PDFExtractor.

PDFExtractor reads your PDF files and then creates a separate folder with extracted images, fonts, text & metadata.

For PDF files that, have a viewing password, PDFExtractor will need you to enter this password to extract all the data.

After the PDF document is processed, you will find a folder with a .txt file with extracted text and another .txt file with metadata. You will find images & fonts in separate folders, called 'images' and 'fonts'.

Mac Win

PDFExtractor 1.0 is distributed as shareware. Try it for free for macOS or for Windows, and then instantly receive an activation code online.

PDFExtractor requires either macOS 10.8.3 or later or Windows XP or later to run.

We want you to be satisfied with PDFExtractor. If you experience problems, do not hesitate to contact our support team at

Whether you’re an individual Mac/PC user, or a systems administrator in a busy design office, PDFExtractor, the best image, font & text extractor tool, can help you out.